Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

Simple as it seems, personal injury is a complex area of law which requires patience and tenacity to obtain the most reasonable settlement and judgment which commensurate with the injuries suffered by clients through a client-focused approach and earnest discussion with insurance companies.

Aside from voluminous documents required from third parties, there are strict timelines to consider which may affect the filing of a claim. It is best to talk to a solicitor immediately after any such accident . . .

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Sometimes misunderstood as an easy-to-do process, immigration is a labyrinth to most and when applications are haphazardly prepared or not done properly they give rise to inadmissibility and refusal which bar prospective immigrants from entering or staying in Canada.

While the use of a representative is not mandatory in the processing of immigration applications, non-representation or under-representation may impact  the entry of temporary foreign workers or residents, refugees, or the hope of reunification of families separated . . .

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Without understanding the dynamics of family law, marital disputes can be emotionally draining and contentious which bar any reasonable prospect of settlement leaving spouses and children to suffer in the long term and with more scars.

But an honest approach to the issues involved vis-à-vis the relevant legislation drives the spouses to the bargaining table with an informed discussion and the will to resolve their contending . . .

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